Health Benefits

Indirect UV Radiation

Conventional photochromic lenses possess only a single layer on the front, effectively blocking direct UV radiation from the front.

Up to 50% of UV radiation penetrates our eyes indirectly, from around your glasses as well as reflecting off the back surface of the lens.

Your pupils naturally enlarge with the lenses darken which allows much more harmful UV radiation entering your eyes.

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Let us care for your eyes the best way.

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Ultraviolet Radiation

Ultraviolet radiation (UV) are invisible rays that is naturally emitted by the Sun. Though you may not feel them, these harmful rays are equally as damaging to our eyes as they are to our skin. Even on cloudy days, UV radiation is able to penetrate your eyes.

Short term exposure to UV can cause discomfort such as glare, blurred vision, Photokeratitis which is often referred as ‘sun burn’ of the eyes as well as lead to the development of pterygium which is a growth on the eye.

Long term exposure can contribute to the development of more detrimental conditions such as cataracts and aged-related macular degeneration.

Children are particularly at risk because until they reach adulthood, their crystalline lens has not fully developed and do not possess the ability to protect their vulnerable retina from UV radiation. Naturally having larger pupils, this allow larger amounts harmful rays to damage their defenseless retina.

It is a common practice to apply sun block lotion to protect our skin.

Why do we not care for our eyes the same way?